A Few Putting Tips By Dave Stockton

Putting is a very personal part of any players golf game. Each golfer will develop a routine, stroke, and follow through that works for what they eye sees or body feels. Dave Stockton is a renown putter and he offers some interesting putting tips that have me thinking about my short grass game. A couple of his suggestions are new to me, but the more I think about it, the more I think they might be beneficial to my and your game.

There are two aspects of Stockton’s tips that I will discuss after the video. As you watch, pay attention to what he is saying and how he putts. The three minute video is loaded with tips ( I counted 7) that might resonate with you. I know they did with me:

The first putting tip that caught my attention was where he stands to read a putt. I think every golfer stands behind the ball when first determining the break. Moving only to the low side when reading a putt is what caught my attention. I have always circled difficult putts to determine the proper amount of break thinking the more information the better. His point, however, about how putts look completely different depending on where we are standing is true, hence his tip to only read the putt from the low side makes sense. So, this is something that I am going to try in the spring.

The second putting tip dealt with the position of my feet. Stockton suggests a slightly open stance (in my case my left foot is farther away from the ball than my right) promotes his left hand following through on the intended line. I looked at other players that I consider to be great putters and some are square (like my setup) and some are open like Stockton. I think that a minor change of opening my stance slightly will have a domino affect on my overall putting stroke, but it might improve things. So, I am going to give a try over the winter when I practice my putting in my basement. I will see if this change is comfortable and makes any real difference to my overall success.

I do believe I am a solid putter. Many will think that I am crazy for changing what is working and I agree that there must be a significant increase for me to make the change. My logic is that when I miss putts, I have a tendency to pull my stroke because I come over the top instead of the straight back and straight forward stroke I like (on shorter putts). This swing error might be the result of a square stance that I adopt. To know for sure, I need to investigate. So, stay tuned and I will report back on my results after the new year.

Dave Stockton is a great putter. His tips in the video above are valuable and might offer some solutions to your putting woes. I recommend that you try a few of what he suggests to see if they work for your game. If nothing else, you will be practicing your putting and that is always a good thing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “A Few Putting Tips By Dave Stockton

  1. Guy gave me a Dave Stockton putting lesson or approach to putting on the course mid round. Uncanny!!!
    I made just about every putt on the back side. I know… let’s see next time
    Crazy game.

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  2. Square or slightly open. It depends on the putter I’m using. And that might be because one is face balanced and the other toe balanced. Opening my stance a bit with the toe balanced putter feels good, and keeps the pulls away which happens to be the most prevalent miss with that putter. On the other hand, with the new mallet, a closed stance seems best since my default miss seems to be a push.

    All I know for sure right now is what I’m doing with that new mallet is working. I don’t want to tweak anything at present. Instead, maybe I’ll spend some time researching how the different kinds of grasses effect putts. The nuances between them are still mostly mystery. It’s about speed control. And it’s about holding the line. The things we have to estimate based solely on the input from our eyes. So it’s also about confidence. The more we know, the easier it is to feel confident.

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    • Kevin

      You have just opened about 5 more things I need to research….thanks! 😅 I agree that if things are working very well, let it well enough alone. Why poke the bees nest! Research is always the best step forward to increasing our knowledge, then skill. Thanks for the research topics.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, love his read it from the low side approach. Be careful before opening your stance if you occasionally pull a putt. You may already be open with your shoulders. I’d have a friend check your shoulder alignment first and if you are square, make sure you stay that way when you open your feet. Good luck with the adjustments!


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