The One Golf Shot Every Player Needs In The Bag

If you ask experienced golfers which shot they feel that every player needs, I bet the overwhelming response would be the same. Anyone who has played golf for any length of time has lived through the requirement of this shot and paid the piper for not having it in their bag. Personally, my game suffered until I decided to focus on learning and refining it over may years of effort. Other than a great putting stroke, as a beginner I believe that all beginners should learn how to chip the ball from 25 yards or closer to the pin. This shot is a stroke saver and should be in everyone’s golf bag.

I understand that there are a plethora of potential golf shots at players need to learn and if you talk to many teaching professionals, they might have a different view. However, learning to chip is the second greatest stroke saver for any beginner. Think back to your early games (or current ones) how many strokes have you wasted chipping and re-chipping? We know from experience that it the count really grows the closer we get to the pin.

Understanding that chipping is the a stroke that every players needs to refine, I wonder why it took so long for me to learn this lesson. However, now that I have, I spend a great deal of time (even now) refining my short game. I have expanded my distance out to 50 yards, but the intent is still the same. Honing my chipping is a priority every year and virtually every practice session. So, if you are a beginner, do yourself a favour and start incorporating chipping practice every time out.

As I look back to my game in 2021, I found that my focus on greens in regulation were paramount. I still believe that this stat is the most important. My next critical stat (skill) would be my up and down percentage. This stat is where my chipping skill kicked in and for the most part I did very well. I believe that my efforts to hone my chipping skills has saved my countless strokes over the years. I know I will continue to practice my short game and recommend that you do as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The One Golf Shot Every Player Needs In The Bag

  1. It depends on the hole I think. A good drive is essential on a long par 4, not so much on a par 5 where you get two more shots to make up for a substandard tee shot. So I would agree though that chipping is the skill we all need that most golfers work on the least. It’s evident every time I visit the range. Tons of people hitting driver and irons are there, but far fewer take time to make use of the chipping areas and bunkers.

    Thankfully your post won’t reach most of them so I won’t have to wait for an opening to get my practice in.

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  2. Jim, agree on the GIR. The most important shot for my money is a good drive. Makes or breaks everything downstream. CN go unrealized if you’re a good driver like you. 😊. You only miss it when you don’t have it.


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    • Brian,

      I agree that being a good driver is definitely a benefit. However, I think that more beginners lose more strokes within 50 yards of the green, than off the tee. I guess it really is a matter of perspective…..ah, golf is so much fun.

      Cheers Jim

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