Picking Out The Perfect Target Line

Picking out the perfect target line is an art. Many, inexperienced golfers, think that aiming down the middle of the open sight line is the always the proper line. Experience tells me that this is rarely the case and a more discerning approach to selecting the perfect target line is required. I have learned this nugget for years of falsely believing that the fattest spot of my sight line was the safest. Boy, was I mistaken. Picking out the perfect target line is all about one thing and one thing only. Read on to find out!

Picking the perfect target line is all about setting up your next shot for success. It is a simple as that. Hitting the perfect target line means that during your set up, you should envision what your next shot is going to be like. Then, hit your current shot to maximize the success of your next shot.

What the heck am I talking about you might say! Hitting the perfect target line is still about picking a target in the distance (a very small target) and hitting towards that point. Determining the proper distance is important as well, but the proper line is paramount.

13th Tee Shot Osprey Links Golf Course

The green for the 13th hole is off to the left. Immediately, most players pick the line between the 150 yard marker and the trees on the left. It is the shortest distance for the hole, but the next shot could be blocked out by trees on the left. Additionally, the approach shot is over a sand trap and the steepest part of the hill protecting the green.

The perfect line for setting up the next shot is to the right of the 150 yard marker. To be exact, in the middle between the 150 yard marker and the rock. The landing area is large, there is a bail out area on the right and the approach shot is the simplest for the hole. Additionally, a 3 wood or driver on this line will be sufficient to successfully set up the next shot. I have made more birdies and pars taking this line than any other; so for me this is the perfect line.

Aiming in golf is about setting up the next shot. The sooner players understand this concept, the faster their game would improv. Ultimately, this will improve your golf scores. Win, Win…..right.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Picking Out The Perfect Target Line

  1. I agree Jim. Knowing where to leave the tee shot in order to set up the second is crucial. I have found that at Osprey, paying attention to where the pin will be is important. Flags are usually positioned in a sequence. Blue( back) white( middle)and yellow( front). With #13, if the pin is in the front ( which you would not know if you were not paying attention) you may want to leave yourself a full shot into that front pin placement.

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    • Mitch

      You point about pin placement is very important. It is often overlooked as most amateurs think that the closer they are to the green the better. But as you have rightly pointed out, hole 13 is a bear if we are out of position on the approach shot.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, I would guess 90% of players need to think like this but don’t. Most evident is on par-5 second shots where the average player will immediately reach for a 3WD and bang away. Are you giving playing lessons??? 😊


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