Selecting The Right Putter Grip

Your putter is used more than any other club during a round of golf. Hence, it is critical that you grip it in a way that best fits your game. I have experienced with all kinds of grips over the years, but always revert back to a standard grip. The only reason I tried different grips was to see if I would feel more confident or see any improvement to my results. I never did, so back to the basics is worked for me. There are many different variations to holding your putter, but three basic ones is the best place to start if you are planning on making changes or just starting to develop your putting game.

If you are wondering what three grips I am talking about, well Rick Shiels has a short video that will definitely help.

I have tried all three grips and find that the lower left hand and claw grip throw my balance off when putting. It might have been a change of body position that I was opposed to, but I never really felt any benefit to making the change. So, I reverted back to the basic grip as shown by Shiels with some minor exceptions.

I do not extend my index fingers at all, I have a smaller and tighter grip because I find it more comfortable to grip the putter. You can see from the picture on the left that I have a two finger overlap between my hands. This hand position works for me because I find that my wrists and arms are lock in position, but I can still swing my putter freely with my shoulders. Basically, I engage my big muscles for putting. This technique was taught to me many years ago and has been successful ever since. This hand position works for me because I have practiced using it for 40+ years. Even when I have some putting woes, I never think of changing my grip.

Selecting the right putter grip is very important. It is one of the most personal aspects of golfing that many beginners do not spend enough time developing. It is definitely okay to experiment with different variations of your putter grip. However, once you have decided on what feels best, keep that as your foundation of your putting stroke moving forward. I know that there are differing opinions out there and I would love to hear them!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Selecting The Right Putter Grip

  1. Jim, I like you and many golfers experimented with different putter grips but always came back to the left hand high grip. The difference between u and I is I overlap two fingers on my left hand verse two on my right. I want my right hand to do nothing except help hold the putter. Seems to work for me, putting is one of the strongest parts of my game.

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  2. We have basically the same grip. It’s not that one I’ve always used, but it’s what has brought me success these past couple years. The putter is the only club that I take hold of with right hand first. I set it on the club in the proper place then add the left hand above by sliding it under the two smallest fingers of the right hand. That helps to insure I get a tiny amount of forward tilt without having to push my hands forward like I’ve seen a hundred pros do. Following the pros with that always made me feel as if I got a different amount of press each time and was a hindrance to consistency.

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    • Kevin,

      I am a player that uses the lights of grips to set the putter in place. I move it around with both hands, then adjust my grip and tighten enough to comfort. It works for me and helps me focus on position at the same time. There is no wrong way to set up if it works for the player.

      Cheers Jim


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