Second Guessing A Golf Shot

If you have golfed for any length of time, I am confident that you have second guessed one of your golf shots. We all do it and it is an important aspect of learning and improving our game. I have second guessed many decisions on the golf course and use many of my conclusions to build my future course management decisions. This process is a self-analytical method that helps my game; however, it is not at process I use to second guess another players actions.

I would definitely not second guess one of the top golfers in the world. On the weekend, Rory McIlroy found the water on the 18th hole and essentially lost the chance to win the golf tournament. Hit was trying to get home in two and put his ball in the water. Some pundits question his decision and suggested that laying up might have been the smart shot.

The pundits only make that comment because of the result. If Rory had hit the ball on the green, they likely would be bombarding McIlroy with accolades for a great decision and golf shot. This type of second guessing one of the best players in the world is not really helpful. Obviously, McIlroy felt he had this shot in the bag and decided to play for the outright win instead of settling for a playoff. That is what champions do! Sometimes it works out in your favour and other times not. In this case, it did not work out well for McIlroy.

Second guessing other players is not helpful. The variables are so diverse for every golf shot that thinking a player should have attempted something else does not make any sense to me. That player made the decision and will live with the results, who are we to second guess the way they play.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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