How Many Golf Balls Do You Use During Putting Practice?

How many golf balls do you take to the putting green when it is time to practice? Many times we just grab some balls, drop them on the green, and start putting away. We do it unconsciously and after banging the ball from hole to hole; then we pick up our golf balls and head to the first tee. We are creatures of habit and it is to our detriment. Putting is a skill that requires focus and when do it all without thinking, then we have wasted the time on the putting green.

I generally use three golf balls when I putt. I find that this number allows me to practice with the greatest intent. After three strikes at one particular putt, I feel I can gauge the shot best and develop my feel for the distance and break.

I find that if I use less than three balls, I am walking more than putting. If I use more than three balls, I am too stagnate and my mind starts to wander. It really is a balancing act for the number of balls I use when practicing.

Of course there are specific times when I use more or less than three balls, but they would be for specific drills or skills I am trying to develop. However, during most of my putting drills, three is the appropriate number to maximize my practice time.

Using a star drill is a very specific instance where I use more and less than three golf balls. This drill can be used with four balls (on at each cardinal point) or one ball and I rotate around the tees to simulate a putt from a different location as per playing a round. It is one of the better drills I use and it pays the most dividends.

The decision to use of three golf balls is reached after hours and hours of practice. I did not stumble on the number three, but it developed after years of effort, trial and error, and practicing with intent. I am saying the number three will be best for your game, but taking the time to figure out the best number of balls to use on the green during your putting practice might be worth the effort.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “How Many Golf Balls Do You Use During Putting Practice?

  1. 3 balls, the 3 tees and I’m set on the practice green. I don’t even need a hole. I’m only interested in adjusting to the speed of the greens before a round. I use one tee as the hole. One about 3 feet away and 4 inches off my target line and another about 2/3rds of the way to the “hole”. Again, about 4 inches off the expected line. I can gauge the speed, gauge how the slopes and/or grain effects the ball and gather information that will help me make decisions on line and speed during the round.

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  2. I only use one ball and therefore setup as I normally would when putting. My first three or four putts are mid to long ones focusing strictly on getting the weight right. The next series of putts are focused on 10 to 12 footers judging speed and break. The next series are on 3 to 5 footers and I close by playing 3 holes on the green.

    Putting has always been one of my strong points and this works for me. The reason I don’t use more balls are that you never hit two putts the same length consecutively in a round and I concentrate on getting the feel for the speed of the greens.

    Since my setup routine is fast, a lot of guys watching me think that I am just playing around randomly. I am not. My focus is on correct weight and it works well for me regardless of playing my 1905 Schenectady or my old Bullseye.

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