Pin Hunting With Distance

If you are like me, most of your approach shots come up short. There several simple reasons for this faux pas, but there is one that I make on a seemingly routine basis. I misjudge my hitting distance by not using the right club. I know that this sounds crazy, but if I am going to make a mistake selecting clubs, I generally make it on approach shots. A few years a go, I found out why I was making this mistake and have been trying to rectify my challenges.

Using the yardages properly will save you strokes and lower your golf score.

My GPS on the right is a perfect example of my error. The distance to the pin is 138 yards is three yards under my standard 9 iron. In the past, I would grab my 9 iron and hit away. Any miss shot or normal hit would leave my 10 feet away from the pin, at least. What I realize is that I was not hitting to distance, but just a club closest to the yardage I want to hit.

This approach was folly and I am happy to report that I have rectified this mistake. I now would hit a 3/4 – 8 iron which would be about 140 yards. Considering I hit the ball short most of the time, this club would be perfect for hitting a distance to reach the pin.

The results of my change has shortened my first putt on most shots. I still need to work many aspects of this my approach shots and this is my prime focus.

I realize that being a 4 handicapper my errors seem a bit weird. I must be able to hit shots close to the pin to keep my scores low. I can for sure, however I am identifying what my challenges are for my game. As a player always trying to play better, this is my identified area of weakness that needs my attention. My challenge might not be your challenge, but if it is, hitting to distance to hunt for the pin is accomplished by clubbing up and hitting a 3/4 shot. If you give it a try, let me know how it works out.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Pin Hunting With Distance

  1. This is a great post Jim and a mistake I am sure most of us amateurs make. I think it does depend somewhat on the area surrounding the green, good place to miss versus bad miss. However having said that I also leave more approach shots short than reach the pin and will take your advice. I also agree about your comment on your handicap and regardless we can have issues with some part of our game. As a 9/10 at 68yrs old with a metal hip I depend alot on my short game amd putting but adding a club for my approach shots hopefully will lessen some of the pressure on my putter. Always enjoy your thoughts

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  2. I totally agree Jim. I often make the same mistake and unless I hit it perfect ( which doesn’t happen as often as I would like) I have a very long putt or miss the green short. When using GPS I find using the distance to back of the green seems to help me hit more greens.

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  3. All depends on the green and it’s terrain and the wind I guess but I like the idea. If I picture that green as flat and receptive, that’s most likely how I’d play it too. But if I picture that green with danger after the hole like a slope that would lead the ball away, I might chose another option especially if it’s a hard and fast green. It’s all in the details but clubbing up is something I do often and with far more success than always hitting the full club.

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