Putting With A Hybrid For Lower Golf Scores

LOWER GOLF SCORES! This is the goal of every golfer. It does not matter what handicap you carry, every round of golf is a chance to shoot lower golf scores. The trick is hit the correct shot at the right time and to carry an endless bag of tricks. If you ever watched videos on how to make different shots with different clubs, I am sure you have come across using a hybrid for putting. It is not a difficult skill to master, but knowing when to use this specific stroke is the key to lowering your golf scores.

There are many different methods for using a hybrid to putt.

After watching the video, you can see how the hybrid is a great choice around the green on the short grass. My experience of using a hybrid points to avoiding the club in the long grass where the ball is buried more than a quarter of the ball. If it is, then there is a greater chance of grass being between the club face and the ball. The grass deadens the feel of contact making it hard for me to judge how hard to hit the ball.

On draw back of using a hybrid for putting is how hot the ball comes off the club face. It is not the same as a putter and does require some practice to understand just how fast the ball travels towards the hole. I find that a hybrid is not a good choice if your ball is short sided. I have not been able to control my ball well enough not to use a putter when it is a short distance.

Another point I will discuss is my hand position on the club. I keep my hands a bit higher on the shaft (about one inch above the bottom of the grip). For my height and the length of my club, this is the proper position to for me. I suggest that you try different hand locations when you practice.

***For full disclosure, I am still practical to using a 7-iron for this shot. However, I have used a hybrid and find that it is a better option if I have more fringe work through.***

Putting with a hybrid is a great option when playing off the short grass close to the green. If there is plenty of roll available, then a hybrid might be better than using an wedge. This shot offers another option to try when practicing. Eventually, you will settle on a shot that works for you, but it is nice to have options.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Putting With A Hybrid For Lower Golf Scores

  1. I’ve played with the hybrids, the 8 and the 7, but what I like best is just using my 50 toe down. I have the best control with that option. I’ve used it to very good effect quite a lot lately. That’s my go to to get one on the ground and running out towards the hole from in close or to land one short on the green from 20 yards out so it can run to the hole. It works both in the rough and from a tight lie with practice. And that’s the key. I haven’t had those two hybrids even a year yet I don’t think. I did try that One length hybrid for a while last year, but that was a 3. And I never really liked it for anything. I’ve of course played around a little with the 4 and 5 normal length ones I have now but not enough that I would use them for that purpose in a round I wanted to record. I don’t have enough faith I can control the speed off those hotter faces like you worried about. But when waiting on tee boxes where a hybrid is my club of choice I’ll keep knocking the ball around and gaining better feel for it. One day I’ll go to the range and start practicing it. I like having options. This particular one just hasn’t made it from wish to action list yet.

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