Flight To Roll Ratio When Chipping

To be honest, this is a topic that I never really gave much consideration. The flight to roll ratio when chipping was kind of an innate process for me, but after watching Kevin Haime – Flagstick Golf Magazine May 2015 – I think I need to put a few more brain bits into this topic. This is not a difficult process and there are many different factors to consider, however the flight to roll ration suddenly makes sense.

As you can see from the video, the flight and roll are things that most golfers should pay attention too. I do all the time, but never really thought of it being a ratio. I guess it makes sense. I would offer on word of caution, the flight to roll ration only applies if you make the same stroke across all your chipping irons.

I have discussed just changing irons with the same stroke before and concluded that it does work. Yet, as a low single handicapper, I think this process eliminates feel from my shot. It does produce great, consistent results. However, as a player who likes to play with a bit of feel I can modify the flight to roll ration process to fit my game to produce even better results……we shall see in the spring.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Flight To Roll Ratio When Chipping

  1. I can’t say I really thought specifically about the ratio, but, I typically prefer fo my chips to land and run out to the hole. The technique in the video definitely works and is the same technique taught when I went to a golf school years ago for a week of lessons and golf. Same length stroke makes it easy to repeat and varying the club allows for different distances. Definitely need to practice to figure out how far each club rolls out, but, once you do there will be consistency for sure. I used this approach fir a few years, but, eventually I went back to more of a feel approach for the distance and typically use my 52 degree for chipping around the green. Happy golfing.

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    • Colin,

      I am agree that it is definitely a technique to develop consistent chipping, especially if you are developing your game. As experienced players, we are at a stage were we use this chipping technique with some variations. It is all part of our golf journey. I hope you are on the links soon.

      Cheers Jim


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