Playing Golf For the First Time in 2022

We are getting close to opening day of my 2022 golf season. I figure it is less that two weeks away and I can hardly wait. I have been using my orange whip and will start hitting balls in to my DIY driving net tomorrow. I have waited this long because the warmer weather was slow to arrive. But it is here now, so time to start practicing with intent. The challenge I have is I am not sure where I will be playing!

If you have been following The Grateful Golfer, you immediately defaulted to my new home course of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. In years past you would have correct to assume that my home course is where I would play my first round of the season. However, that all changed after a phone call not to long ago.

17th hole at Osprey Links
4th Hole Tee Shot at Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort

Rick, one of my regular playing partners, suggested that the first round of golf should be at the home course that opens first; Blair and Fernando agreed. Therefore, we waiting to see which home course, Osprey Links or Mattawa Golf, opens first. Whichever course does open first is the one we will all play. I think it is a great idea and it will start my golf season off on the right foot; playing golf with my friends.

With golf season on the horizon, I bet you know how I am feeling right now. It is going to be great playing golf again…..I just have to figure out where!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing Golf For the First Time in 2022

  1. 1st round played this week @ Innisbrook in Barrie. Remarkably dry conditions, smooth and fast on the greens. As usual the short game really suffers 1st time out, fast greens with lots of slope didn’t help.

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  2. Playing whichever course opens first sounds more like absolute necessity rather than just a great idea. lol

    Tomorrow I plan to spend some time on the range working on the draw with my sand wedge. Three tees in the ground to represent line, one for face angle and the last for path. And make sure I bump out the hip to force the hands to drop so I’m in position to get that path. Getting it to draw is enough sometimes, but control comes from drilling it into us. And this is a drill I understand. And since using this range limits my club choice to no more than a sand wedge for a full swing, that’s the club I’ll work with. I figure if I can make a high lofted club draw and control the amount, every other club in the bag becomes easier.

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