A Chipping Drill For All Situations

I have tried many chipping drills. Some have helped and others…..well, not so much. I do support trying to use the same chipping technique for most shots around the green, but switch clubs to achieve the desired results. I have tried many different drills to hone my chipping skills and I have found one that I use repeatedly throughout the season. It works well for short game and I think it will help yours as well.

I actually use a 7 iron instead of an 8 iron. And I use a scorecard from three, six and nine steps. I also mix up the length of fringe I need to hit over and sometimes land in the fringe. Basically, I teach myself distance control using very different scenarios. I am happy to say that this drill does pay off and lowers my golf scores.

This chipping drill will help build a strong foundation for your short game. If you beginning your journey, I recommend that you try this drill.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “A Chipping Drill For All Situations

  1. I use a putting stroke with the gap wedge held toe down. And I don’t bother marking a spot, I just choose one. Of course, I can’t see as well if I hit it or not that way, but the end result is what I’m wanting so I’m ok with missing the mark as long as the end result is close.

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    • Kevin,

      The mark is designed, as you have figured out, to train our minds and bodies to hit the ball a specific distance in a particular manner. The final results is what counts, but for the the beginner, hitting the mark and watching the result is very important.

      Cheers Jim


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