My 2022 Golf Season I Fully Underway

Yesterday, the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort officially opened. I could not hit the links because of life stuff, but today I am heading to the course. I am excited to fully start my season and loop the course as much as possible. I have zero expectations for my game, but will just enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

4th Tee Box Of The Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort

I am teeing off at 1 pm… warm up will be to putt and chip a bit before hitting away. Other than than, there is not plan for today’s golf.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “My 2022 Golf Season I Fully Underway

  1. I took a look at your course on google earth and that was disappointing. They haven’t gotten detailed with your new course. But while what I saw wasn’t as detailed as the picture you’re showing or even the smaller pictures on the courses website, I think you’ve got something worth playing there. 6 par 5’s and par is 74. But with a slope of 128 they aren’t counting it a pushover and the hole descriptions certainly make it sound like a shot makers course. With 6 par 5’s it also looks like you’re going to get even more exercise walking that one. lol

    Still, you’re playing from 200 meters over my head. I expect domination from you on that course. 😂 I mean I’ll give you some time to get acquainted with the course of course. Will a week be enough? 😂

    I’ll be curious to here all about how having 6 par 5 changes things or if it does at all. After some time getting to know the course it would be interesting to here if that helps scoring in relation to par across 18 holes.

    And one last thing. I noticed in my research that you have a highway running along next to you. Whatever you do, don’t do what I did. For me the highway was on the other side. I hit a dead push right over oncoming traffic and into the lanes moving away from us. And I did it at the most wrong time possible. As the Presidential motorcade went by. He had stayed at the Don Cesar Hotel and we were playing at Isla Del Sol. I was playing with an ex-congressman and he joked with everyone in their club afterwards that the Secret Service was coming and it was all my fault. Yeah, don’t do that. 😂

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    • Kevin,

      It was definitely a fun first round. The course has its challenges for sure, but for the most part properly aimed shots offers a few bail out areas. The challenge comes in the summer when the course dries out and becomes hard. Then, club selection becomes a greater challenge.

      I have played this course in the past and the par 5s are definitely an advantage. They are long and wide open, so I can swing away. many of the greens are elevated and that is where my short game will be tested. They are also on the smallish size so knowing my club distances will be a great help.

      Overall, it is a fun course and I hope to shoot many great rounds there this summer.

      Cheers Jim


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