Changing My Golf Game In 2022

I am very confident that my game is going to change in 2022! As an experienced golfer, I can identify when a fork in the road is coming and I am going to embrace my new direction. How do I know that times are a changing, well it is very easy. My new home course Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort is opening this weekend. With this fantastic news, I will be looping to my hearts content on a new track. Because I will be regularly playing a new course, my game has to change in order to shoot my lowest scores possible in the upcoming months.

Playing at Osprey Links was great fun. But after six years (this time) I feel that my game was starting to stagnate. I was choosing the same club most of the time off the tee and for approach shots. My golf game was kind of in a rut. It is no one’s fault that I feel into playing the same way, it happened to be the best way I could play Osprey Links. I still had to hit good shots to score low, but my course management skills were starting to rust out.

Second shot on the 4th hole at Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort

I know my game is going to change because I have to think about the best way to conquer my new home course. Just hitting the ball long (well at least as long as I can hit it) all the time is not going to be the best approach. I have played this course before and there are a few risk/reward shots, a few ‘do not hit it there’ shots, and a few blind shots that require a delicate touch. I am going to have to engage my course management brain once again. Because of the different challenges presented by the Mattawa golf course, I am confident that my game will change for the better.

I am looking forward to playing regularly. Because of the closeness of the course, I expect I will be able to practice more, play more, and as a result improve my overall game. I guess time will tell, but in the meantime, I am looking to the future of my game with positivity and rose-coloured glasses.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Changing My Golf Game In 2022

  1. Jim, engaging the course management half of your brain is important because if you don’t, the void is filled with mechanics. It’s fine to work on technique every so often, but it’s best to maintain a balance. Good luck!


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  2. I can relate having played over 600 rounds here in the past couple years. I don’t often need to do a lot of considering before choosing a club here. It’s pretty much on autopilot and only really adjusts with the breezes. And even those adjustments are done to a science now.

    But that’s the way it works. And you’ve got the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of another course. With all the trials and all the successes that will bring. Good luck!

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