Playing The Golf Shot That Works

Golf is a simple game that is extremely difficult to play. Seems like a contradiction in thoughts, but if we delve into the basics, this statement is profoundly correct. Many golfers, including myself, have spent hours on the range and course trying to perfect our swing with the intent of consistently shooting low scores. The results are relative, yet there is on common thread in every golfers game that universally detracts from our main goal. We routinely try golf shots that do not work for our game. How do I know this, well 45 years of whacking a little white ball around the links has taught me the best approach to my golf game is to routinely hit the shots that work. Also, Tommy Fleetwood says so!

How simple is this advice? Contemplating the enormity of this simple statement of playing the golf shots that work is astounding. It is so obviously simple, yet a challenge to sustain.

Imagine what your game would be like if you consistently hit the golf shot that works for your game. In my case, it is usually a straight ball. Trying to shape my ball flight generally gets me in trouble. Before you start saying that there are always instances where a more challenging shot is needed, I will have to stop you because I agree with you. However, if we have zero understanding on how to play the shot, then trying make this impossible shot would be considered crazy.

I have found that routinely hit the shots I am confident to hit results in a lower golf score. Some days my swing produces a consistent baby draw or fade. When it happens, I do not fight what is being offered. I hit the shot that works for that day and avoid trying shots I know I cannot make. This “course management” or should I say “swing management” works for my game and I think will work for yours as well. The next time you are out on the links, try only hitting the shots you know you can hit. See if it makes a difference in your game……I bet it will.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Playing The Golf Shot That Works

  1. I just came in from hitting a 100 shots with the lob wedge from different locations inside 70 yards. I want that club to provide me with more shots I can count on to work and this is the only way I know to get there.

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  2. If scoring better is your goal, this is essential advice. If you’re just out to smash the ball, well, this isn’t for you.

    I’ve got two videos for both golfer types from Mark Crossfield and Coach Lokey. This is about our timing of the forces we create during the swing.

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  3. I agree with this 100%. As I age I have finally decided that I cannot keep up with big hitters. I have also grown comfortable with not asking what club they hit, so big deal they hit a 7 iron and I hit a five. Also and most importantly I have become very comfortable with my distance off the tee. So I hit it 210-215 and some of my partners hit it 250. I have to brag here but I rarely miss a fairway so that suits my game 100%. Play the game that fits your swing, your age and your body pains!!!

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