Greens In Regulation Rule…..or Do They?

I had a hard time figuring out a title for this blog because I think that greens in regulation are the most important stat. The reason for my trepidation is because of my round yesterday. I played a quick 18 holes, actually I played nine holes but played two separate balls, and I hit nine greens in regulation and walked away with zero birdies. Normally, I would be happy with 50% GIR for a round, but not yesterday.

Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort 8th green.

The picture to the left is two examples of the distances I left myself with my approach shots. I was not within 20 feet with any shot. I did not three putt any green, but I also was not close enough to have a legitimate chance to make a birdie. The closest I came was a lip out from 22 feet.

On the flip side, I made 5 of 9 up and downs. I chipped most shots to within 5 feet (remember when I stated earlier that I practice most putts between 3 and 6 feet, this is why). The four putts I missed were very close. I chalked up to the top dressing of all the greens. I know, just like all golfers I have to blame my missed putts on something other than my stroke. 😉

Although I had a good GIR percentage during my round, yesterday was not a good day for GIR. Hitting the ball outside 22 feet all day was not what I expect from my approach shots. I realize that it is early in my golf season, but hitting the ball from within 150 yards for all my GIRs should have resulted in my ball finishing closer to the pin. But alas, this was not the case.

As my season continues and I practice a bit more, I am expecting to narrow my GIR distances. When this happens, I might a few more reasonably chances for birdie. I know this is the usual path for my game each year, but I want more faster. Is that too much to ask?

On a final note, GIR percentage is king and I have not changed my stance on this fact. I will continue to focus on improving all my aspects around the GIR stat through out 2022.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Greens In Regulation Rule…..or Do They?

  1. Jim, a green hit with a long putt is preferable to a missed green with a 60% up and down chance because your odds of two-putting the long ones are still better than 60%. Give me the GIR anytime!



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  2. Yes sir. You’re a golfer. You see a day where you are hitting greens but just not landing them as close as you would like as a challenge instead of something to celebrate. 😂 I remember the day I shot my best round ever I was kicking myself for the two bogies I made during the round as much as I was celebrating the best round of my life. It’s kind of crazy. But that’s golf.

    As for GIR being king I would say par is king. And GIR is ALMOST always the best path to it. I want par or better and sometimes the best path to that is to land it short and under the hole and chip it or bump and run it on or in from there. Pin position, slope, and green speed dictate whether shooting for the GIR is the best option. I have recent experience with this. Last week I hit GIR on two holes when I should have stayed short. I ended up off the green with both first putts. There just was no stopping it. Going for GIR on them was a tactical error.

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    • Kevin,

      Your are right about par being the goal on every hole. Lower, of course, is a boon. Anything over that is a disappointment. That is the way of all our games. Unfortunately, I was four over par last round with no hole under par. Still a good score, but not what I shoot for every time I hit the links. I am fairly certain that you track your score the same way.

      Cheers Jim


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