Ten Steps To Mastering The 150 Yard Approach Shot

The technique or steps needed to hit great 150 yard approach shots is simple, yet complicated. I realize that I am contradicting myself because how can something be simple and complicated at the same time. Well, it is easy. The technique used to hit consistent 150 yard golf shots is fundamental to all aspects of our golf swing and to forget just one step causes challenges to our golf score. By following all the steps of hitting a 7 iron (my preferred club from that distance, yours might be different) from 150 yards, I found that my ability to consistently break 80 was assured.

I could list all the steps into hitting this approach shot, but I would rather provide a visual aid that would be infinitely more helpful.

I realize that that the 10 steps in the video cover some many areas, that it might be a challenge to master them all in a few short trips to the range. Actually, the journey to great golf encompasses all 10 steps and could take a fair bit of time. Personally, I am still refining these steps every time I practice and enjoy the challenge of finding ways to improve my golf game.

There is one point I want to focus on for this article. Where our weight should be during our golf swing. I always felt that my weight should remain the the inside half of my stance. When I can feel pressure on my arch area on my right (trail foot) on the back and down swing, then transfer it to the arch of my lead foot without going outside the center of my lead foot, I have good weight distribution for my golf shot. It is easy to notice if I do not feel the proper pressure on my stance because I finish my swing out of balance. This challenge was one of my main issues earlier in my career, but I seem to have fixed it (most of the time 😉 ).

If amateurs like ourselves can master the 150 yard golf shot, it will go a long way to lowering our golf scores. Our greens in regulation (GIR) will improve and that always leads to lower golf scores. There is no magic fix to master this shot, but understanding and mastering all 10 steps is a definitely a great way to start.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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