Playing Poorly and Having An Awesome Time On The Golf Course

Many golfers lament about playing poor golf. It becomes all encompassing and they forget about the other aspects of hitting the links. Last Friday, my old golfing crew played at my home course of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. We played early in the day and were finished to by lunch. We are trying to play together at least once a month since I changed golf courses this year and so far we are hitting that goal. As we looped my home course, I can say that my golf was less than stellar, but he 3.5 hours on the links was the best round of the year.

The last time I golfed with my buddies was about a month ago at Osprey Links. It was the beginning of the season and our games were full of rust and stiff swings. It was great to walk the course early in the year, but it was not indicative of our games. However, that is the same thing that happens every year after a 6 month hiatus from golf.

After the first few holes it was very apparent that my friend’s games is quickly improving. They were hitting the ball well, making few miss hits, and navigated the course with ease. I enjoyed watching them play some of their best golf of the season. Personally, I made three no trouble doubles which was frustrating, yet it did not dampen my mood.

Walking around the links chatting and joking with my friends was the medicine I needed to improve my golfing disposition. I enjoy playing golf with anyone or by myself, but playing with old friends is the best. I laughed and chuckled for 3.5 hours. It was a fantastic time and I am grateful that my friends made the trip my way to play golf. How blessed am I!

It was funny that during my round I did feel frustrated with some of the poor shots, but it lasted less than a nanosecond. The fun of playing with my chums significantly outweighed any of my shots. To be fair, I did make some great shots (as did Blair, Rick and Fernando) and we all shot less than bogey golf.

I could go on and on about how great of a time we had on the golf course, but I think you get the point. I do want to add one last thing. We went into the clubhouse for lunch for a fantastic meal. Brenda and Mike (owner operators of the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort) are great hosts. Brenda makes fantastic meals and we all decided on the Club House with fries. As always, it was a terrific meal and I am looking forward to eating their in the future.

I had a great time yesterday and look forward to playing golf with my friends next Friday. We are scheduled to participate in a fun tournament at an old course I regularly played, Laurentide Golf Course. We should do okay, but golf will be secondary to having a great time on the links with my great friends.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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