I Just Want To Play Golf

Golf is a game that demands each player dedicated time to becoming a better player. Rarely have I noticed anyone play golf as a ‘natural’. The swing movement is so complex, that picking up a club and shooting a low score seems impossible. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that dedicating time to practice is important for any golfer to improve their game. Through the years, I put in that time, but now it seems that I just want to play golf!

As a senior player, I think that my game has peaked and I will be riding a plateau for quite some time. There is always a fork in the road where every athlete must decided they have reached the point of diminishing returns. It seems that I am at the point. I still try to practice, but hitting the links and playing an extra ball or two seems to be the norm right now. Of course I can approach my game this way because I have already put in the hundreds of hours needed to be a low handicap player.

I like playing golf more than practicing; actually, I always have. Most athletes, in my opinion, think that way. We experience the joy of competition more than the satisfaction of honing a skill. I do not think it is a far stretch to conclude my statement above because the thrill of playing is what most of us look forward too.

Keeping in mind what motivates us to play golf, I do recommend that practice be a part of your plan to shoot lower golf scores. It is important to hone skills that will set you up for success. Practicing from the pin outward is always a great place to start. There is no wrong answers here because your desire to a certain level of golf will drive your need to practice. The joy of playing will never go away, the desire to practice will dim as we approach our point of diminishing returns.

Ultimately, I am a grateful golfer. I am grateful to be able to practice and play. However, right now I am leaning towards the ‘I just want to play golf’ path. How about you? Where is your game right now?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “I Just Want To Play Golf

  1. I play to have fun and prefer to play as much as I can. Despite living in the middle of a golf course with a full practice facility within a hundred feet of my door, I rarely hit balls on the range. A couple times a week, I will pull out my shag bag and go to the chipping green for ten to fifteen minutes. I frequently take out a putter and single ball for the fun of it. My approach to the game is more relaxed at this stage of my life and strangely, my game is still there.

    I no longer look to technology as a means to “improve” my game. Playing vintage clubs and immersing myself in the history of the game is much more satisfying to me and gives me a renewed challenge as well as feeding my curiosity. Despite playing three or four different sets of clubs each week, my game is in a good place.

    Yesterday, I played my vintage 1976 Wilson Staff irons with some Ping Eye 2 laminated woods that I just acquired in a trade from a friend along with my old faithful Otey Crisman putter. The Pings took a while to a master but I still managed a nine over round from the white tees. The day before I played one of my hickory sets at Rocky Crest and was only a couple strokes higher.

    As a senior golfer, I just want to play. I have several friends that feel the same and our enthusiasm is infectious. Today is Hickory Friday and I have decided to channel my inner Walter Hagen. I have a complete set of irons from 1928 and will use similar vintage MacGregor woods. My 1904 Schenectady putter is eager to join the fray. I expect to be challenged to a high stakes loonie match ($1 coin) by one of my friends so I better be sharp😀.

    I love this game and like you Jim, are a grateful golfer.

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  2. Jim, I’m playing about half as much but still practicing at the same cadence, so favoring the latter. Time, commitment, and cost are all contributing factors. I suspect the trend will reverse when I retire in a few years and hopefully relocate to a more golf friendly area.



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  3. Good post Jim. I love the game but my motivation to play is split equally (25% each)
    -to be outside in nature
    -to walk(and carry) as a terrific source of exercise( what other sport can you walk 4 hours with a 25 lbs weight on your back and not really feel that you are exercising?)
    – to meet and interact with great people who share your love of the sport
    – to play the great game of golf as best as I can play it
    That why I am excited to play as often as I can.
    Hope to get a round together soon.

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  4. I see no reason I can’t have my cake and eat it too. Sometimes I think practicing on the course is more useful if not the fastest way to get a swing change burned in. It forces us to swap clubs more often and adjust the swing to accommodate distances more often. Things we generally don’t, but should do on the range.

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