One Day Closer To Beginning My New Golf Path

Most golfers in my area take at least two months off after the last day of golf season. In my case, I have will have rested for three months as I focused my efforts in other areas. Primarily, I decided to coach basketball in the local area. I have some training and lots of experience, so I decided to move into that direction. I has been very rewarding and I am schedule to continue coaching until the first week in February. However, I have allowed my fitness regime to slide a bit and as of the New Year, I am going to get back on track. There is on slight difference this year in that I am going tailor my fitness program towards golf.

I realize that this does not seem all that surprising considering I am an avid golfer. In the past, my fitness programs were focused on wellness in order to combat my health challenges. Well, in 2023 I am going to keep that focus because wellness is always important, but I am going to add a level of training that focuses on golf specific drills and exercises. I am not 100% sure what that means yet, but my research will start after Christmas Day in order to maximize my physical abilities.

I have talked about fitness and training in the past. My wellness focus is the three areas below:

  • Flexibility. I cannot fully swing the club without being flexible. As a senior player this fact is more obvious each year. Therefore, I need to focus on my flexibility; specifically in my shoulder and trunk rotation.
  • Strength. This is important for general living, however on the golf course even more so. In one round I will swing a golf club over 100 times (including practice swings), climbing many hills, lifting my golf bag 200 times, walk on uneven ground, and rake sand. There takes a certain amount to strength to perform these activities without injury. Strength training is important and sometimes overlooked.
  • Endurance. 4 hours of activity is tiring. It does not matter what I am doing, but to play golf for 4 hours (walking) takes a great amount of energy. So I need to build my endurance so I have enough energy to make that last 5 foot putt for my 1 under par. If I am huffing and puffing because of lack of endurance, there is a very good chance I will walk off the 18th hole even par or worse. Endurance is very important.

In each area, however, I am going to expand the general topics to include golf specific activities. Again, more to follow on that.

Lastly, I am dedicating a specific amount of time every second day (and temperature allowing) to hit 50 or more balls into my DIY driving net. I purchase a new hitting mat and that should help me improve my feel while hitting the balls indoors. I am definitely going to make this commitment. This alone will allow me to improve my game and set me up for golf earlier in the spring.

I am not getting any younger and now is the time to retake control of my fitness and wellbeing. I am excited to get started and I will fill you on on my progress along the way.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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