Making An Unexpected Long Putt

We have all made long putts before. I am not sure the longest I have ever made, but I am confident it was similar (probably longer šŸ˜‰ ) to Adam Schenk at the Valspar Championship on the weekend. Schenk just looked it over and slammed his ball into the cup. It was an amazing shot and it help him maintain his lead during his round. It was very nice to watch and reminded me of how following a putting process helps improve our chances to making such putts. It is not complicated, but is a necessity.

Before I describe my process, take a look at Schenk’s great putt:

My long range putting process is very easy. I hope the ball goes in, but expect to make a 3 foot lag putt. This is the only real way to keep my score in check with the minute chance of stealing a stroke. My process is this:

Read the putt. Keep in mind that the break will be more than expected. I add about 10% to the high side of the putt. This extra distance to break usually changes my aim point, but for the better.

Judge the distance. I actually practice pacing off long putts. I understand the energy needed to hit the ball 60 feet and use this as a baseline for determining how far to hit my putt.

Putt with confidence. Once I have chosen my line and speed. I hit my putt with confidence. No second guessing. This is an important part of hitting long putts. If there is any doubt in my mind, then I will miss for sure. The power of positive thought cannot be overstated here.

My long putting process sounds pretty simple and it is. I have found that if I spend any more effort on such putts, I overthink my process. That is when the dreaded 3 putt creeps in. Hitting a long putt (lag putt) is the goal. If I make the miraculous putt, then I tell my playing partners I meant to make it. šŸ™‚

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Making An Unexpected Long Putt

  1. I don’t know what the longest putt I’ve ever made was. But I got the Shot Scope at the end of November last year and it shows my longest recorded putt so far as 64 feet. I didn’t putt so well Saturday on our away game. Those greens and I just couldn’t agree about speed. lol They looked so much faster than they were. But back home Friday and today it was another story altogether. I’ve been dropping putts like crazy around here the past few days. 50 feet of putts in just the first 4 holes Friday. It was crazy. Over the last 10 rounds which include the away games Shot Scope is showing .84 strokes gained over a tour pro. That shows how much 900 rounds on a course can matter. I wonder if this time next year I’ll be seeing any more gains after 1200 rounds. lol

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