Feeling Gratitude Than Needs To Be Shared

Yesterday, I had a routine medical procedure to ensure that my health is on a positive path. As it turned out, the procedure went very well and I feel great. It was maintenance thing that needs to be performed every 5 years. Now that I briefly outlined the situation, I need to share why I am feeling gratitude!

From the moment I walked into the hospital I was met by smile faces. The entire experience was fantastic. Regardless of what task anyone was performing, they performed it with professionalism and enthusiasm. All our conversations were courteous and informative.

As I was introduced to the team performing the procedure, each reassured me that all was going to be well. It was a routine procedure for them, but of course it was not for me. Everyone was upbeat and I could just feel confidence as I prepared for the procedure.

As we chatted, the conversation reverted to golf (of course). A few minutes before going under, I chatted with Mike and Dr. Gong who both are avid golfers. They mentioned that they were just starting and I reassured them that with a bit of practice, their scores would drop significantly. Of course, I plugged The Grateful Golfer. 😉

Yesterday, I realized that when all is going well in our lives, we overlook the first responders and health care workers whose dedication to their profession keeps us all safe. They are always on guard to ensure that our lives are lived worry free. Keeping this in mind, I want to thank the entire North Bay Regional Hospital team for being amazing.

I thought it was important to express my gratitude to the local healthcare team. They made my experience yesterday a pleasurable one. Thank you!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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