Changing Your Chipping Sequence

Chipping is an important shot that allows players to lower their golf score. This statement is not profound, but needs to be repeated from time to time. As an important topic of discussion, I realized that the plethora of interest points on chipping cannot be covered reasonably in one article. Keeping this in mind, I thought that talking about the differences between chipping and hitting should be broached. The chipping sequence is different than that of hitting in the fact that it is a less of an explosive movement. Chipping is more controlled and relies on a more gentle touch when making contact. To achieve this softer feel, our chipping sequence is very important.

The major difference between hitting a chipping is the start motion. When hitting my driver, I try to engage my lower body first to develop power. This is just the opposite when chipping. I want my club head to lead my chipping motion with much less lower body movement. This major difference in the swing sequence is what helps players develop a soft, controlled, and repeatable chipping motion. To emphasis my point further, I will let Christina Ricci explain:

Ricci explains the importance of leading with the club head first when chipping. She also talks about hand position, remaining loose during the swing, and keeping her lower body is a support mechanism vice a power generator. These are all important points when developing the proper chipping sequence for your golf game. There is one point she did leave out that I think needs to be discussed: the weight distribution in her stance.

I always have a 60/40 weight distribution when chipping. I find that with a bit more weight on my lead foot, I am not tempted to try and help (scoop) the ball during contact. It forces me to hit through the ball and let the loft of the club do the work. This set-up position is very beneficial during my chipping sequence. With my weight forward, I am able to limit my lower body movement. This in turn increases my hand, wrist and arm movements during my chip. By shifting the focus to my upper body during a chip, I am able to develop the ‘touch’ in want around the greens with very little effort.

The chipping sequence is important. Of course there are many facets to the entire process, but starting the chip with the club head, keeping loose and distributing our weight properly creates a great foundation for success. Stepping over the ball with the confidence developed through the proper chipping sequence will lower your golf scores. All that is needed is for you to determine what exactly works for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Changing Your Chipping Sequence

  1. Proper technique and proper sequencing can almost eliminate the worst of our errors. It won’t fix the issue residing in the 6 inches between our ears, but it’s a good start.

    I’ll be putting in some time practicing the short game tomorrow. I’m still learning distance control with the technique Peter Cowan was teaching on one of the youtube channels I watch. I think I posted a link to it here. It takes time to learn to control distance from any lie and it takes a lot of practice to dial in the muscle memory with the brain so you’re making the right choices. I can’t imagine this new to me technique feeling as comfortable as what I’ve been doing for some time to come but it’s worth the effort as it makes for less damaging mistakes and that’s a scoring boost.

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