Update From The 2023 Masters

Day two was rain delayed, trees were blown over, and Brooks Koepka kept rolling. To no surprise, the drama continue at The Masters with the weather rolling in causing all kinds of havoc. I realize this is a first world problem, yet I cannot wonder how the players with half of their second round still to play will enjoy the soggy conditions on day 3? It is not ideal, but something that all golfers face when at the mercy of Mother Nature. The change in weather will not affect everyone and I am interested to see who will beat back the conditions to shoot a great score. Are you?

As stated earlier, a large portion of the field did not finish their second round. Those who did, Brooks Koepka, amateur Sam Bennett and Colin Morikawa to name a few, took advantage of their tee times and posted great scores. Jon Rahm still has 9 holes to play this morning before he finishes his second round and posts what all hope to be a competing score. The whole situation adds a bit of drama to the event by forcing everyone playing to take stock of their game and focus on what they do best in adverse weather. With a high of 9° C or 48° F, layers upon layers of clothes will be the solution to combat the cold wet conditions. Believe it or not, dehydration for the players is an issue as well because most people forget to drink during the weather like that at Augusta National today. Therefore, there are many considerations for the players to remain at peak physical and mental condition as the try catch Brooks Koepka.

The statement read: “Augusta National Golf Club can confirm that no injuries were reported from three trees that were blown over to the left of the No 17 tee due to wind. “The safety and well-being of everyone attending the Masters tournament will always be the top priority of the club. This potential danger fortunately did not cause any harm:

That was very scary for all the patrons and thank goodness everyone is safe.

Back to golf. As I stated yesterday, Koepka had the ideal tee times. He is playing with his form of old and looks difficult to beat. With a three stroke lead as of this morning and very poor weather in the forecast, it will be interesting to see if Rahm will catch him. There is plenty of golf left today and those who can play well in adverse conditions (not sure there are many) might have a chance to chip away at the lead.

On a side note, I am going to stop picking Rory McIlroy to complete his career grand slam. It is not that I think he cannot do it, but I think I am bad luck. Every time I step up and say he is the one to beat…..he isn’t! Sorry Rory, I will remove my unlucky cloud from your future games. Tiger still has some work to do to make the cut. I wish him well and to be safe. The wet and cold playing conditions cannot be good for his body or game, but know he is a competitor that will not quit.

The completion of round two is about to start. I am looking forward to seeing what happens today as unfolds. The good news is that weather is forecast to be dry and cool tomorrow. Hopefully that will allow some of the chasers to put some pressure on the leader.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Update From The 2023 Masters

  1. What is your view on Koepkas caddie telling Gary Woodlands caddie that Brooks had just hit a 5 iron before Woodland hit his 2nd shot to #15 on Thursday. To me it seems pretty clear that Koepka should have owned up and taken a 2 stroke penalty or been DQed for signing an incorrect scorecard. The caddie is an extension of the competitor under the rules of golf.
    Oh well, another example of TV ratings and star power overriding the the rules of golf at Augusta.
    My rules rant of the day


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