Jumping to Confusion When Playing Golf

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly are in a pickle when playing golf? Things are going well and you are having a great round. Then suddenly, one shot forces a U-Turn in your game and you are scrambling to make bogey or worse! It happens more times than ever hoped in my game and I wonder why such unexpected things happen when I am cruising to a low score. Well, I have figure it out – I jump to confusion when playing! Continue reading

The High of Christmas is Over….Or Is It?

As a parent, I have always found it fun to watch my daughter open her presents at Christmas. The smile on her face and joy she expressed was enough present for me. She is older now, but that feeling I have watching joy expressed by my loved ones has not waned. I am confident you feel the same way. For me, it is the spirit of giving that makes Christmas special. But I wonder if the high of Christmas really only lasts one day or is it possible to spread that cheer all year round? What do you think? Continue reading

I Need Some Help Selecting The Proper Off-Season Training Aid

My off-season started recently, so it is time to look forward to next year. Over the years I focused on my fitness and that will not change. However, this year, I want to expand my off-season work to include using a training aid. Unfortunately, I am not sure exactly what direction to head.  Continue reading

What is Your Yardage for Scoring Low in Golf?

Over the years, I talked about course management, hitting to yardage, and improving our GIR. Being an avid golfer, I am always looking for an edge to lower my golf score. A stroke here or there could result in me shooting even par or less. That is how important a few strokes are to my game. To achieve a low score, I have to understand my strengths and weaknesses so I ensure I am not passing up opportunities. Do you understand yours? Continue reading