Are You Loving Or Hating Your Golf Game?

Every golfer experiences the highs and lows during every golf season. It is impossible to sustain fantastic golf for months on end because we are, you know, mere mortals! Even the best players have games where they wonder where their swing went; of course the scale of great play is relative, but poor play happens to everyone. With this in mind, how is your golf game right now? Are you loving or hating it?

Through my golf season, I experiences more times where I love my game than hate it. I am rarely indifferent, so that answer to me was for the masses. However, it appears that a third of the golfers feel this way. Most responded with the fact that they play very little and thus did not focus that much on how their game unfolded when they played.

As for me, I love my game right now. I feel like I am hitting the ball with great consistency and have confidence when I stand over the ball. This does not mean that I do not have some challenges (trouble with my wedges from 50 – 80 yards), but they are not enough to change my positive attitude towards my game. It it took only one thing to throw me off, then I would never love my game.

I believe in the 80/20 theory. If I can succeed 80% of the time when swinging a golf club, then I am very happy. My margin of expectations is very forgiving because it allows for more successful swings than not. For example, when hitting my 3 wood, I expect to hit it at least 220 yards straight. If I happen to hit my ball 205 yards straight that is a successful shot. If I hit my 3 wood 235 yards into the rough but it is playable, I am happy. If I hit my 3 wood 220 yards into long rough or hazards I am not happy. Fortunately, the latter does not happen often.

One more example, if I hit any green in regulation I am happy with my approach shot (some what). However, hitting the green in regulation and under or over clubbing because of a mental error makes me frustrated and disappointed in my play. I still improved my GIR stat, but a 60 foot put is hardly something to celebrate.

So, you can see the only bench mark for your success (and as a result loving your golf game) is you. Some players are happy to hit 1 in 5 shots and others like myself are only happy when I only miss hit 1 in 20 shots. The scale of success is relative, but important for each player to define.

I choose to be happy with my golf game and everything associated with playing golf. I could easily react the other way and grumble and complain, but what fun is that. Golf is a sport meant to challenge our inner sportsman and sometimes I win and other times golf wins. Regardless of the results I love my game and do not see that changing anytime soon!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Are You Loving Or Hating Your Golf Game?

  1. Jim, the true test is how quickly you can let go of a bad game and how you feel when you’re actually in a slump. Still love golf while slumping? I would define a slump as three bad rounds in a row. For me, it takes a day to let go of a bad round. Slumps are more difficult. The best way out I’ve found is to take a lesson which usually ends with feelings of hope and positivity.

    Glad to hear you are feeling good about your game now. I am doing the same.




    • Brian,

      Three rounds….sounds like a great benchmark. Lessons are harder to take up here because of the lack of pros to offer said lessons. However, I can see how it would help. Great to hear you are feeling great about your game.

      Cheers Jim

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