Fixing Your Golf Swing Is All About Filling In The Gaps

Every golfer has something that they want to improve. It does not matter if the player is a professional or a beginner; something needs improving. In my case it is my entire game….well okay, things are not that drastic. Personally, if could filling in a weakness in my game, it would be my approach shots from 160 to 140 yards. I think that if I could improve that distance, my game would improve the most. Lowering our golf scores is about filling in in the gaps!

Hitting any golf shot requires a certain amount of skill. This ability waxes and wanes depending the time of day or year. It is impossible to hit a the perfect shot every time, but we all have the ability to work on areas of our game that require filling.

This is a great drill to improve your short game.

The easy fix for my game is to hit the range. Unfortunately, the closest training area is an hour drive from my home. There is on closer, but it is closed due to COVID. That is unfortunate because had planned to use it weekly, but alas, this is a first world problem.

If I could fix my challenges from 140 to 160 yards, I think I could lower my scores by two or three strokes. That would be awesome and make a huge difference in my overall game. So, I will continue to struggle for a bit and hopefully things will improve my the end of the year.

Filling in the gap of our golf game is based on the ability to identify where we need the most help. If you are having trouble finding where to focus your efforts, I suggest you start at the at the green and work outwards. Because most experience players understand that saving strokes on your short game is always the first place to start.

Filling in the gaps in your game is a process that does take time. It is worth the effort and I suggest if you have the time and desire to start immediately because time flies when you are having fun.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Fixing Your Golf Swing Is All About Filling In The Gaps

  1. Jim, can you make use of your DIY station to hit balls? If you can and you wanted to get help on that 140-160 yard shot, maybe try an on-line lesson? All you need is a few swings face on and DTL. I had a very good inexpensive experience with Brant Kasbohm at Here’s a link to my on-line lesson.

    Good luck!


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  2. We all want to shoot better. I had the easiest set up ever today, shot 3 under and left disappointed I didn’t do better. I know I left at least 4 shots on the table. They closed off some of our course due to rain so we played 1-4 and 14-18. A mix of most of the easiest holes on the course. But easy or not, I still got some good practice in today. I chose different clubs than normal off the tee most of the day. So I was hitting in from different yardages than normal. On at least one hole, I think that might be a better way to play it. I almost holed it out anyway. I’ll have to try it a few more times and see how it goes. Sometimes a little more distance between you and the flag can lead to better results which we don’t always consider. We need to always be thinking to play to our strengths.

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