Is It Easy To Consistently Break 90

Is it easy to consistently break 90? Depending on who you ask, the answer is a resounding yes or no! Developing a consisting swing is definitely the desired step, however this is not always the case and as such, other strategies are needed to for the player looking to lower their score below bogey golf. It is definitely possible, but will take effort to achieve this momentous milestone.

I am not an expert, however after playing in the 70s for 25 years or so, I figure I have a few tips that might help. I have suggested them before and I think they are still valid. Here are my five main points I think players wanting to break 90 should focus on:

  1. Practice Putting more than your driver
  2. Practice using middle irons and approach shots
  3. Know your distances for your clubs
  4. Introduce course management.
  5. Always aim for the middle of the green. Forget pin hunting.

You can see that these suggestions cover all areas of a golfers game except off the tee. This is something that comes later after you are already breaking 90 consistently. I know some of you will disagree, but we have to start somewhere.

To add to our understanding of what it takes to consistently break 90, I turned to My and My Golf. They offer a great deal of information for all level of player and here is what they said golfers should focus upon to break the bogey golf milestone:

Although written differently, some of suggestions overlap. Knowing your club distances and aim for the middle of the green on approach shots are two that stick out the most. These points will definitely lower our score, but adopting all the points (and actually using them) is the best way ahead.

Breaking 90 is a huge milestone. It is means that you are starting to shoot more pars and I always said that success breeds success:

The last point of finding the support needed to succeed is very important. Looking up your local professional for a lesson or two is a great idea and will help shorten our learning curve. It is up to you if want, need or can go to your local professional; just keep in mind that they are always there.

There is not secret to breaking 90. It takes focus and practice to achieve this goal. The above tips will help, but ultimately it is up to you.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Is It Easy To Consistently Break 90

      • Yeah, sorry again about the quality. My playing partner shot it on his phone with zoom on because he wasn’t very close and the framing was. But his hands weren’t too steady I think. And then sent it via text message. To create the animated gif, I just stopped the video every couple frames and took a screen shot and pieced them together in an old editor I still use. It’s so messed up you can’t tell it’s me. You can’t see the ball. You can’t even really tell I have one knee on the ground. But the pattern the sand makes tells the story. I hit a 5 iron on the 180 yard par 3 and missed clearing the bunker by inches. You could only see about the diameter of a nickel of the ball under the sand. But I managed to get it out and left myself an 8 footer on that one but unfortunately lipped it out. But with the ball buried in the wall like it was, and the footing I had, I was impressed I did that well. And again, the sand tells the story. The wave of sand that shot created followed the ball right out.


  1. A lot also depends on the course you’re playing and the tee box you’re hitting from. Even a scratch golfer can shoot a 90 on a PGA course in tournament conditions from the pro tees. But you’re absolutely right about the short game. I love having two short courses surrounding me. Especially since they provide such of good mixture shots to practice. Things like 3, 4 and 5 irons onto tiny raised greens require precision not always needed on a big course. You get dialed in and start feeling like you might be able to take that PGA course on. Maybe. From the whites with the wind behind me on every hole. 😂

    Short of hours of practice at the range or lessons (forever the best option), a quick round (or 2 or 3😎) on a par 3 course every week will do wonders for your scores on the big course in no time. Even if the longest hole is just 150 yards like the one I learned on.


    • Kevin,

      I agree that the ability to play well in any situation has so many variables that it is very hard to make any blanket statements about success. However, I like to share what works for me in the hopes that it helps other players. Besides, I just like talking golf.

      Cheers Jim


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