What Is Your Biggest Worry On The Golf Course

In my earlier years, I was wracked with worry when I teed it up! If I entered into a competition (friendly or serious) forget it; I would seize up for a hole or two until I hit a few good balls and had time to relax. Of course as time progressed and my game improved, I started to worry less and less. This does not mean that I do not have any worries, but any fears about my general game is overruled by my mental game.

During the past 10 years or so, I remember four instances where I was worrying so much that I could barely swing a golf club. Twice was on the first tee and twice was on my approach shot into the 18th green. I all cases they were in a tournament, but that is not the reason I started to worry because competition is the best way to test my overall golf game.

To cut to the chase, the reason I was so nervous was there was a crowd of my peers watching me hit. I all four cases, I was the first to hit and was setting the stage for a possible head to head playoff. I guess there was a bit of pressure in these stroke events, yet I believe that I should have been able to perform regardless of the situation.

Interestingly, I was less nervous on the fourth shot, so that is a positive. I feel that my mental game was developing and I realized that most of my worry was self-imposed. Actually, ALL of my worry was self-imposed. As a take away, I now have a more relaxed approach to all shots. Hit or miss, I react the same way (or at least try too).

Now, if I am in a situation where I must hit a great shot, I rely on my pre-shot routine to focus my thoughts and to let my body know it is business as usual. I worry less about making any shot now than ever in my playing career. Now, I think the only time I would be nervous is if I teed it up with e-friends and fellow golf bloggers.

I am sure Brian, Kevin, Mike or Josh would not give it a second thought watching me hit, but I thing I would want to impress them and as such the pressure would be on. Actually, I would probably be more excited to tee it up with these guys and hopefully I will be able to in not to distant future.

Every golfer worries about something on the golf course. The trick is to not let it affect your game. I use my pre-shot routine to set the stage for success, what do you use?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “What Is Your Biggest Worry On The Golf Course

  1. Jim, no pressure from your playing partners because 99 times out of 100, they’re concerned with their own games. When you get in front of spectators is when the real pressure mounts.

    When I was working in the bag room at my country club back in college, our assistant pro, who was one of the better players in the Mid-Atlantic PGA section, qualified for the Kemper Open at Congressional. So he’s on the tee in front of all those people about to strike his first shot ever in a PGA event and duck hooked it behind a pine tree. Finished with like an 84 and I felt so sorry for him. I cannot imagine what it would be like.

    Would love to tee it up with you sometime!


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  2. No worries here. You’re allowed to roll on the ground laughing if you feel the need. And I promise to be good. Well..well manored. I’ll do my best to be good. lol


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