I Am Shocked About The Results of This Golf Poll!

I ask questions all the time on Twitter and generally I have a good sense as the answer. Well, that was true until now; I asked a question about a player’s favorite golf shot and I can say that I am surprised as to their response. Let’s just say that this would have been my last choice! Continue reading

How to Play a Golf Hole

Over the past 6 months, I have asked several questions on how to play a golf shot from a particular lie. Sometimes the shot is difficult, others it focuses on course management. I am always interested at the responses because by looking at them as a collective, there is no right answer. Everyone plays their shot to the best of their ability, knowledge, and confidence level. I really find it interesting. Continue reading

I Just Need One Good Shot!

How many times over the years have I said “I just need one good shot”! That one shot to change my fortune and right my listing ship of a golf game. We have all said that, but I can honestly tell you that rarely does that one good shot show up during my round. It is as if I chase my good fortune away by jinxing my thoughts by focusing everything on one swing of a club! Continue reading

Playing An Ugly Lie Around the Green

Over the past month, I have experienced a higher than normal number of shots from poor lies around the green. Part of the reason is people not fixing their excavation area and others is just a rough patch on the course. Regardless, it is a shot I have to make from time to time and understanding the proper technique helps keep the double bogeys at bay. Continue reading