Time for a Golf Tournament

I always wondered how many golfers like to participate in tournaments. I figure half the fun of playing is competition. Of course, each time we hit the links we compete against ourselves, but that is not really the same as challenging someone. Many play side games ‘to make their round interesting’, however, I rarely do this. I like to compete in tournaments that pits player against player.

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Does Playing in a Scramble Tournament Help Your Game

Last week, I had a stretch of 5 tournaments in 7 days. I played in 2 scrambles, 1 stroke play, 1 match play, and 1 scramble/match play formatted events. They were great fun and I really enjoyed meeting so many new golfers. Golf is a contact sport and I certainly achieved that last week. I do want to add that I have never played in this many competitions in such a short time and hopefully I can do it again in the future. However, I did notice that my game was not as sharp during the scramble events as the match play and stroke events and I think I know why!

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A Golf Decision on Video Replay

The USGA and R&A have finally made a decision on video call ins from fans. After the a crazy year of armchair referees calling in to challenge and effectively award unrealistic penalty strokes on professional golfers, the governing bodies of golf have made a decision. Unfortunately, their direction is weak and does not address the root of the problem! Continue reading