It is My Favourite Time of Day to Play Golf

There is no wrong time to play golf. As I sit every morning looking out into the cold darkness writing golf articles, I dream of the hitting the links. This is my favourite time to play. The freshness of getting up early in the morning is matched by the tranquility of the quiet on the course. It is really the best time to loop the course. When I first started playing early it was out of necessity, as most fathers will understand.

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Excited to Be Playing Golf

Today I am going to attempt to play 9 full holes of golf. After 5 months, I think I have the energy to hit the ball 40ish times. I have no expectations, but it is the next step in my journey to great health. I have high hopes, not for my score, but for the fun I going to have bashing that little white ball around my home course of Osprey Links. Continue reading

#GolfChat Does It Again

Monthly, a group of #GolfChat authors pool their thoughts to produce outstanding golf articles. Normally, I am part of this élite group of writers (okay we are just writers), however I was unable to participate this month.

Regardless, I think it is still important to pass on to my avid readers what they have to say. Each author provides a unique view on golf well worth reading. I think you will be interested to hear what they have to say, so let’s get to it! Continue reading

Are You Playing Golf Today?

Are you playing golf today? It is a very simple question that does not require much thought. However, let me ask this question again? Are you playing golf today?

The physical act of going to the golf course quickly answers this question with a resounding yes! You make your way to the links, pull out your clubs, hit the ball between 60 and 120 times, pack up your clubs and then go home. So, yes you played golf today. However, is that the real meaning of this question? Continue reading