Keeping the Birdie Streak Alive

Have you ever played a string of holes where birdies came easily. I have from time to time (most ever is 4 in a row) and after two, I start to pay attention to how well I am playing. This is where the streak generally ends….when I start to pay attention. Without out a doubt, this is a mental issue and one if have found a solution too! Yup, I think I have solved this challenge and for good.

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Think Winning Golf

This title can go in many directions and I am sure at this moment you wondering exactly where I am going. Actually, I am not really sure because I am letting this article unfold in my mind as I write it. I hope it works out well, but you will have to wait until the end to see if I can tie it together. This approach to my writing is never a recipe for disaster; yup you heard me never!

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Swing Challenges When I Forget Just One Thing

The golf swing is a complex and has many moving parts. When the slightest thing goes wrong, disaster can ensue. I know this because after thousands of swings, I have made my share of clumsy, awkward, unimpressive attempts to hit the little white golf ball. It is amazing that by forgetting one aspect of my golf swing, I will fight with my stroke all day long. It can be very frustrating and sometimes hard to rectify. Continue reading

Forget Everything You Know About Your Golf Swing

It is time to hit the reset button on your golf swing! Understanding that everything you have an accomplished to date is actually the foundation for improvement moving forward. I realize this may sound crazy, however, it is time to forget what you already know and focus on improving that aspect of your swing that does not happen naturally. It is time to start anew! Continue reading

Thoughts of Success in Golf

Jim Blue Shirt Swing

Positive Swing Thoughts

The proper mental attitude and swing thoughts are paramount to low golf scores. As with all thinks in life, focusing your thoughts on what you want will attract your wishes. Of course we would be blind to think no effort is required, but everything starts with a thought of achieve entire package of success. Continue reading