Chipping – Being Aggressive

I have been off golfing lately and was wondering why most of my approach shots are significantly short.  I watch the pros and see them discussing which club to use, the wind, the ball location, what they are going to eat for lunch….ok not so much.  Ultimately, they take in many factors that most of us do not consider.  So what makes them so special that most of the pros are putting from 10 feet instead of 20 feet like the majority of amateur golfers.

Well it has to do with how aggressive they are when hitting their approach shots.  Whether they are 100 yards out or 10 yards; the pros try to sink the ball every time.  They figure it is best to be long the consistently short.  As my friend once told me, 100 percent of short shots do not go in!  I tend to agree with that analogy.

So what to do?  I recommend that you try to sink your approach shot with no fear.  It is easier to adjust distance if you are aggressive and you also have the line if the ball goes past the hole.  I know it sounds difficult, but actually it is not.  Focus on sinking your approach shot and you will find that your putt (if you miss the hole) will shorter and the chances of making it will significantly increase.

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