Monkey Golf

If you want to have some fun with a group of players, try Monkey Golf.  I am not sure what the rest of the world calls it, but it is a fun game to improve your game, challenge the way you look at a course, and forces you to be creative.

Here’s how you play.  Grab three clubs.  Yes, only three clubs.  For the course I play, I would choose my three hybrid, 8 iron and putter.  Then off you go.  Play your round.  I will bet your score will be the same, if not lower, than what you normally shoot.  You have to concentrate more, think of better ways to play the course (instead of just bashing you way around with the same clubs all the time), and encourages a Seve way of golf.

If you have never played before Monkey Golf; try it; you will be pleasantly surprised!  Having fun on the links is what golf is all about.  I am a grateful golfer!

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