Only 75 Days to Go!

Today marks my official count down to golf season in Northern Ontario!  I usually use 15 April as my target date for the opening of the golf courses in my area.  Sometimes the courses open earlier (like last year – 3 April) and the odd time later (two years ago 21 April).  Regardless, it is now time to start preparing for success.

I have all the equipment I need for this year – thanks Santa!  I purchased a new driver and three wood.  Both are Callaway Razor Fit.  Not the extreme, but last years model.  I know it sounds crazy, but I prefer purchasing last years technology and paying a quarter of the price.  We shall see how my strategy works out.  I have a new carry bag, golf balls, and shoes.  Needless to say, I am ready.

I start to make my goals list for this year.  For example, last year I wanted to break par at least once.  I wanted a hole-in-one.  I wanted to improve my greens in regulation stat.  Finally, I wanted to play in 3 stroke play tournaments.  I achieved all my goals except the last one.  Stroke play tournaments are becoming rarer and rarer.  I have not made my list for this year yet, but when I do I will be sure to share.

I start my focused training program.  At this stage, it is mostly stretching.  Some may say it is a bit early, but I have found that I as I get older it takes me longer to get ready.  Besides, stretching has other health benefits that I like.  Additionally, I focus my weight and aerobics training.  There are certain exercises that will improve my swing.  Again, I will share when I figure out what I am doing.

Lastly, I look to see which course I want to play the most.  I always try to play at least 60 rounds home and 20 rounds away from my home course.  I have 5 options in my area and each course offers something unique.  The course I played last year was awesome.  It allowed early birds, walk ons and the owner always stopped to talk to me.  If I get a membership again, I am leaning towards the same course.  But, this will not stop me from doing my cost comparison.

Well my yearly ritual always starts around this time.  I am really looking forward to another season.  I am a grateful golfer.

When do you start preparing for golf season?

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