Adopt the Foot Wedge in Golf

Caddie, hand me my foot wedge!

Caddie, hand me my foot wedge!

The foot wedge is the most used shot in golf! There is little question that every golfer has used this shot outside competition to speed up play or to improve their lie. Most, if not all players, don’t count the foot wedge because it is not considered cheating; it is just improving their enjoyment on the links.

The concept of a foot wedge is nothing new! Many great players have attributed the foot wedge to their success and consider it an essential part of their game. Here is what a few sites are saying:

  • “Golf slang for the 15th club every golfer takes onto the golf course. Used to secretly tap your ball out of a fairway divot when no one is watching!” (

  • “Foot wedge” is a slang term for a “club” that helps a golfer cheat his way out of trouble. Specifically, “foot wedge” is what a golfer uses when he kicks his ball or nudges the ball into a better position for the next stroke. He used his foot to improve his lie – hence, “foot wedge.” (

  • “When a golfer cheats his way out of trouble using a club, it is in slang called foot wedge. Foot wedge, is specifically speaking a condition when a golfer kicks his ball or probably nudges the ball in a slightly convenient position for the next shot.” (

The foot wedge, not to be confused with a “hand wedge’ or a sandwich, is very popular. It is so popular, there are lessons on how to execute a perfect foot wedge. Here is my favorite:

  1. Scan your surroundings for other players.
  2. Place foot to obscure current ball location from onlookers.
  3. Rotate foot edge so it is perpendicular to your target.
  4. Gently slide your foot wedge to push ball.
  5. Cough audibly during shot and mutter something about winter rules.
  6. Proceed with game. (

If the golf industry is trying to make the game more fun, then it is time to legally adopt the the foot wedge. It is time to allow players one foot wedge per hole! Why not, it will only make the game more fun!

Alright, I will stop! Right about now everyone is thinking I have gone over the bend. Actually, the intent of this article is to provide a bit of parody for all the recent suggestions on how to make golf more fun. There is no question that golf continues to evolve and it is important to attract young players to the game. However, I would suggest that most people will make the game fun anyway without trying to change the rules of the game.

Golf is the game of kings! It is meant to teach honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Is it difficult to learn? Most people would say yes! However, the sense of accomplishment from hitting that perfect shot is really worth the challenges to learn the game.

I was taught golf at an early age. My father was the first to put a club in my hand and for that I will always be eternally grateful. Golf has the potential to bring out the best in everyone if people would only give it a chance.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!



4 thoughts on “Adopt the Foot Wedge in Golf

  1. Excellent idea 🙂

    I think I might have mentioed my club’s annual RoseBowl trophy, named after an expelled serial cheat, in which you are allowed to use the foot wedge once per hole (but not on the green of course). I won it this year … what does that say??!!


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