The Duck is Coming Back To Canada

The duck will be staying in my hands for the near future! My friend and I had a fantastic four days of golf that culminated in a wet round played in two stages.

Today, we started playing in a light drizzle, but the weather quickly worsened. After 11 holes of playing in a down pour, we decided to stop, eat breakfast, and wait out the rain. Two hours later, we hit the links for the final 7 holes. Things were looking good for me, however the last two holes did not go well. My friend dug deep and played like a champion.

So, I will be carrying the prized duck for the time being! I plan to write a more detailed account of this adventure, but thought everyone would be curious as to the results of our match!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “The Duck is Coming Back To Canada

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  2. It was a great 4 days for sure, however I must admit that we had a bit of a rule challenge on hole 17! With Jim one up, he hit his tee shot near a red stake area and we could not find the ball. Jim decided to take a drop from the red stakes and hit a good shot to the left side of the green. After hitting his ball, we walked 15 feet ahead and there was his ball. As this is always a friendly match between best friends, I told Jim to simply hit the ball without penalty as we were being pressed by another twosome behind us. Jim refused, took the penalty and handed me the hole and all-square going to 18. There were no doubts on 18 as my great friend gently pushed his tee shot through the trees on the right and ended with a bogey and “the Duck” – a great 4 days!


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