Being Engaged in Golf

Scoring in golf is sometimes very challenging. A player can play well and score poorly. Conversely, a player can play poorly, but score well. Regardless of where you fit into this spectrum, being engaged in each shot is very important.

To explain what I mean, golf pro Darren Everett, from National Club Golfer, explains the importance of engaging with your target during all phases of your swing. Everett’s point of being engaged and focused on your target during your pre-swing routine, during contact, and after contact is a simple, yet extremely important lesson for all amateur and professional golfers alike.

Next time I am on the range or the course, I will engage the my target with intent. This important point will help me stay focused and should result in lower scores! We shall see tomorrow.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


9 thoughts on “Being Engaged in Golf

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for sharing that great video. I can relate to your comment about playing well and not scoring. There is so much more to scoring than just making great swings, because if your target is poorly selected, alignment is off, club choice is incorrect or your course management is off, those good swings won’t produce good results on the scorecard. Great topic.


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