Golf Strategy: A Two Man Scramble

The First Tee - Playing in the Rain!

Last year’s 2-Man Scramble on the first tee. Jean is happy to playing in the rain!

Tomorrow is the second time (last year was the first) my friend Jean and I will play in a two-man scramble. It is a low-key event with 20+ teams and handicaps will be applied. Our second place finish last year is something Jean and I will build on to see if we can win it all. The big prize in this event is the bragging rights as most of the players are regulars at my home course of Roundel Glen.

Similar to last year, the rules for this tournament are pretty simple. The handicap of the two players are added together, divided by two and multiplied by 25% (was .75% last year). The multiplying factor is a slight change from last year.

What this means is: my handicap is 3.8, Jean’s handicap is 10.8, combined 14.6, divided by 2 is 7.30, multiplied by 25% is 1.8; everything is rounded down to the nearest whole number. Therefore, our handicap for this tournament is 1. For those non golfers, this means we are awarded one stroke on the toughest hole on the course. So if we shoot a 4 on the toughest hole, we would record a 3 on our scorecard. All things being equal and everyone is honest, this method of using our handicap is golf’s way of leveling the playing field.

Our strategy was straight forward last year. This is how it unfolded:

  1. Jean tees off first on all par 5s and short par 3s.
  2. Jim tees off first on all par 4s and long par 3s.
  3. Jean is first to hit our second shot inside 175 yards.
  4. Jim is first to hit our second shot outside of 175 yards.
  5. Jean chips first by all green.
  6. Jean putts first on all greens.

This year, things will be a bit different. We will play to our strengths. Jean hits the ball farther off the tee than I do, however my short game is a bit stronger. So, I will hit first on all par 5s. Jean will hit first off the tee all other times except for two short par 4s that Jean can reach, so I will put us in play on those holes. Jean will hit first for all second shots, chips and putts. This strategy will be modified as the day goes on to ensure we make the most out of every opportunity to score low.

We are looking forward to improving our score from last year. With a change in the handicap system, the scores might be a bit higher this year, so our goal will be shot a 66 again and see what happens.

Regardless of the outcome, this event is a great time to hang out with my fellow grateful golfers doing what we like to do most – play golf.

Our strategy is set, what do you think? What would you do?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Golf Strategy: A Two Man Scramble

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  2. Jim, my preference is for the A player to hit last on all shots because the assumption is that the A player can control his ball better and make an adjustment more easily for the team. Then the B player can wail on the driver without hesitation off all tees. Don’t want to put pressure on the B player to keep the team in play on any tee shot if his strength is length and not accuracy. Whatever you do, good luck and go win it!


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