Thoughts from Day 3 at the Barclay’s

Image from: 3 from the Barclay’s is in the books. It was interesting to watch the pros navigate Plainfield Country Club in Edison, NJ. The many challenges of the course lie in the rough and placement of the many sand traps. Additionally, the greens on the course appear to be very challenging given the plethora of scores on day three.

There will be many reports on the play of Day 3, however there is one thing I noticed about the play that caught my attention. Many of the leaders were putting from the fringe. This caught my attention because most of the pros are awesome wedge players. What would drive them to use their putter instead of their wedge?

As I watch them play, I can see the undulations on the greens and pin placements are causing challenges for the players. Using their putter appears to be best way to conserve strokes and reduce errors. Very few were making the putts, but their lag distance was close as most players were able to get up and down for par.

This is an interesting defensive strategy. I will admit that recently I have started using my putter more from the fringe. This is counter to my previous strategy, but this change has saved at least 2 strokes per round because my lag distance is make-able more often than not.

Do you use your putter or wedge from the fringe? In your view, why doe you use our putter or wedge?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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