Unplayable Lie in Golf!

Of the many questions I answer relating to the rules of golf, the unplayable lie is one of the most popular. Rule 28 of the RGCA outlines all the details about what constitute an unplayable lie and your options regarding your decision. Additionally, the video below from Golf Canada also explains your options.

Before viewing the video, and I recommend that you do, there is one aspect of Rule 28 – Ball Unplayable that most amateurs do not fully understand. A ball unplayable can only be called by the player who hit the ball. Their playing partners cannot make the call for them. Additionally, an unplayable ball can be called everywhere except in a water hazard. Yup, that means that if you are in the middle of the fairway and for some strange reason you want to call your ball unplayable, you can.

This rule is very important. In my experience, it is a stroke saver and is one of the basic rules all amateurs should know! Now, enjoy the video!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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