Mid Season Break from Golf

Being Grateful

Grateful for Golf!

Have you ever decided that a week or two off in the middle of your golf season would be good for your game? Depending on how much you play, a rest from the sticks might just improve your outlook on how you play. I am sure there are many articles about the psychology of letting our brains focus on things other than golf, but I have never really been convinced.

If you find yourself dragged out and not enjoying your rounds, then a rest is a great idea. Because our season is so short in Canada, I have never really taken a conscious break from the game, life usually does that for me.

The last time I hit the links was 2 weeks ago on Tuesday. Yup, almost 14 days. Additionally, I have started my holidays and it looks like another 10-12 days before I loop the course. Unfortunately, I was sick a couple of weeks ago and it last a good 7 days. I rarely get sick, but in this case I was off work and laid up waiting for my sickness to pass. That was the start of my time away from the links.

After healing, work got in the way and now I am on vacation with my wife. I expected to take the 2 weeks off for our vacation because of our plans, but the two weeks prior was a surprise. So after all that is said and done, I will be away from the links for quite some time during peak golfing weather.

The funny thing is, is that I am not concerned about it at all. I think that I will be refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things when it is time. I am blessed with the opportunity to golf often and a doubly blessed to have an understanding wife!

So, my mid-season break is a bit longer than normal this year. I do miss hitting the links with my friends, but they will be there when I get back. Overall, life is fantastic and I am truly grateful!


8 thoughts on “Mid Season Break from Golf

  1. Jim,

    Enjoy the break and make the best of it. Like you said, sometimes you come back after a break with a rejuvenated outlook, and it could actually help you in the long run. I’m still on the injury reserve, but hopefully my break will end soon!


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  2. I think I will follow suit and take a two week break. 🙂 that sounds like a great idea. All kidding aside- enjoy your month off, think of the wonderful colours that await your return.


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