Drive for Show, Putt for Dough

Chipping it Close

A strong short game in golf saves strokes!

How many times have I heard this statement! And how many times have we ignored this critical advice! My 2015 season was riddled with unsuccessful efforts to increase my distance off the tee. Actually, I was so obsessed to hit it like the “big boys” that I forgot the fundamental rule of successful golf.

The short game rules!

I have trusted this simple tenant and followed it for years. To lower my score and consistently shoot in the 70s, I always worked on my short game. But, for some reason this year I lost focus. I am not sure why I decided to move away from what works, but no matter what I tried, the results to hit longer off the tee did not meet my expectations on any level.

Last night, an epiphany occurred. It was not some earth shattering understanding of golf or some hitch I noticed in my swing. It all started when I asked a simple question on Twitter:

Although my sample group was small – the results cannot be ignored. 100% of the respondents, without hesitation, said they preferred a deadly short game over awesome drives!

Well of course they do! Most amateurs marvel at the booming 300+ yard drives of the Pros or the 250 yard 4 irons, but one critical factor we overlook is that most Pros have a deadly short game!

Anyone who has played, studied, or observed golf understands that the most strokes are saved within 25 yards of the green. The ability to consistently chip or pitch the ball for a “tap in” putt is priceless! A deadly short game is more valuable than hitting the ball long off the tee because if it takes 4 strokes to sink the ball from 25 yards, the advantage of distance is lost!

For my first introspective conclusion for this year, I realize that my 2016 season must include more short game practice if I ever want be a scratch golfer.

I am grateful for those who responded to my question last night. Your feedback was extremely valuable!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough

  1. Jim, you are certainly headed in the right (short game) direction. The quest for distance is like the search for the Fountain of Youth and has hit every one of us at some point. I have screwed myself into more mental pretzels than I care to remember, trying to get more distance. If you simply seek “solid contact” you’ll be much better off.

    Play well!


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  2. Couldn’t agree more, Jim. I’ve been working on my swing and ball striking for years now and with some greater consistency I realize it’s my short game holding me back (including putting). Inside 100 yards will be my main focus for improvement now. Loved that 100% felt short game was most desired. Great post, Mike

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