Clubs that Last Forever!

Which do you Choose - a Driver or Putter?

Which do you Choose – a Driver or Putter?

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about “Your Go To Shot“. From the many responses, most players have that “one shot” they rely upon more than any other. This is a great idea and I continue to advocate players practicing that special shot they know will work more often than not!

Recently, I asked the question that if you had a choice at the prize table of a golf tournament, would you pick a new driver or new putter? Not surprisingly, most people said they would choose a new driver. This sparked an interesting conversation between a couple of Twitter followers and myself about why a driver!

JohnNKlisz – UWedge said: mostly bc they are expensive and there is a pressure to be up to date. Putters have longer ‘relationships’ w their putters.

Nathan – LovePlayingGolf responded: I get it. It’s also a confidence thing. We freshen up with new equipment, standing over a new club = confidence.

I agree with both! The putter is a special club that is nurtured over a long period of use. I know some players change their putter regularly, but I would suggest that they change their driver more often.

Interestingly, The image above was from the start of my 2015 golf season. Guess which club I have replaced since then…..Yup, it was my driver!

I have used the same putter for 15 years. It fits my eye very well and the I like its weight. I have toyed with replacing it over the years, but never actually felt confident enough to make the change. I figure it will be around for a couple more seasons, but I will never say never.

On a complete side note for info only, one The Grateful Golfer regulars, Pete Robbins, engineered and created a new putter called The White Dragon Putter. If you are looking for a new flat stick, it might be worth a try.

When was the last time your replaced your driver? Putter?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Clubs that Last Forever!

  1. Jim, been playing my Big Bertha FT3 since about 2008 and have been putting with my Ping Answer since the late 1980s. Every time I go into a golf shop to pick out a new putter, I bring my Answer with me and nothing seems to feel as good in the head-to-head bake off. They’ll probably bury me with that thing 🙂



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  2. Jim,

    I agree with the comments on Twitter, I’m also more inclined to update my driver as opposed to my putter. Technology moves a lot quicker with drivers and you don’t want to get left behind, whereas good putters can putt well with a broom if they had to. I’ve updated my driver a couple of times over the past 5 years, but I’ve stuck with the same putter for a while and plan to keep it in play.


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  3. Ah, equipment. I’m using a squarehead driver that’s at least 8 years old. And as mentioned, the look is one of confidence for me. I have a putter which was custom fit about 4-5 years ago and can’t see myself ever parting from it. It’s taken me almost 10 years to get a full bag of clubs I completely love. They won’t last forever, I just wish they could.

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