Hole-In-One or Albatross?

It is the best round of your life! You are playing 4 strokes under your best score ever! The only thing at would top off this fantastic round is ……. a hole-in-one or albatross?

I have played about 1500 rounds of golf in my life. That equates to approximately 27,000 holes and 123,000 strokes on the links. This does not include any partial rounds or fun tournaments I have played in over the years. Through all this time, I have only had 3 holes-in-one. I have never had an albatross! I have been close a couple of times, but I have never felt the exuberance of conquering a 500+ yard hole in two.

If you think about it, an albatross would be better for your round; going 3 under in one shot is what dreams are made of! But for some reason, everyone thinks a hole-in-one is the only metric worth using when talking about a great golf.

I actually believe I have a better chance at shooting a hole-in-one than an albatross. During each round, I have four opportunities for a hole-in-one and maybe one or two chances for an albatross. Do not get me wrong, I would take a hole-in-one every round, but I think I would like to shoot an albatross at least once!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Hole-In-One or Albatross?

  1. Jim, always a hole in one. 1 shot is still better than two, whatever hole you are playing. Even non golfers appreciate a hole in one but you try explaining an albatross to them! Still, no need for drinks insurance with an albatross!

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  2. Jim – as someone without a hole-in-one, I can assure you that you’re doing pretty good with “only three” of them. Good point about not having as many opportunities for an albatross, not to mention that when you do, it is often a longer shot than what you’d face on the average par 3.

    I would happily take either one, even though an albatross might not get me a plaque in the locker room.


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  3. Never had an albatross either, but how about this for two holes. This happened about 6 years ago. 180 par 3 down hill, 7 iron just 6 inches to the left of the hole. Next hole 500 yard par 5, driver, 3 wood, hit the pin and stopped 6 inches behind the hole. Went 2, 3 on a par 3 and a par 5 and that close to 1,2. For most of that day I stunk, not a special round other than those 3 swings.

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