Pre-Shot Routine: Do You Have One?

Golf is a game of exciting opportunities! It is the only sport that requires a meticulous process to result in a near perfect swing; hoping for spectacular results; with a plethora of opportunities to make a mistake. Golf is awesome!

Through the years, I have learned on lesson over and over again: a pre-shot routine is critical to consistent golf!

There are an infinite number of variations to the pre-shot routine. Most are unique, but there is one I noticed that most professional golfers use; it is the waggle before they hit their driver. You know, that 3 seconds before starting your swing when you wag the club head at the ball. It is the last indicator for a player that it is time to hit the ball long and straight.

Recently, I asked the question if you had a waggle before striking your driver. Here is what the masses said:

I did receive an interesting response from one of the #golfchat attendees. (#golfchat happens on Twitter every Tuesday night at 8pm EST. If you are interest in golf, it is worth your while to check it out) From the sounds of things, she took the waggle a bit too seriously. She said that:

Obviously, the intent of the waggle is to calm all aspects of thought and movement before striking the ball. It is a visual and mental cue for players that it is time to perform their perfect swing. I have tried the waggle, but found it too distracting; so I am in the minority given the results of my poll.

Regardless, having a pre-shot routine is very important to a consistent golfer. It is something that most professionals perform before striking the ball. Chances are that if the élite players are using the waggle in their pre-shot routine, it is worth a try. What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Pre-Shot Routine: Do You Have One?

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  4. Hi Jim,
    The two constants of my pre shot routine are to plan and visualize my shot from behind the ball, then at address to do a brief waggle to eliminate tension and reduce grip pressure. I will need to think more about any other elements I may add from time to time depending on difficulty of the shot.

    Cheers, Mike

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  5. Jim,

    I agree about the importance of a pre-shot routine. I do the same thing every time. Tee up the ball, one practice swing, stand behind, pick my target, visualize the shot, step in, and pull the trigger. I don’t have a conscious waggle, but I certainly don’t like being rigid over the ball, either.


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