Golf Simulators: Pro or Con?


Golf Simulator at Rhino Sports in Belleville, Ontario.

With the long off-season in Canada (with this year being the exception so far), golfing fanatics will try just about anything to keep our game in tune. We hit balls in the snow, use a dome, and where possible, use a golf simulator. I have only used a golf simulator twice before and never really gave it much thought about their value to my golf game. This year, at the prompting of my wife, I joined the indoor golf league with some friends and we have a standing game on Wednesday nights for 8 weeks starting in January.

The indoor golf league is hosted by Rhino Sports in Belleville, Ontario.  It is a new business and Martin, the owner operator, decided to start the league to try to fill a void for us golfing fanatics. For $226 (tax included), can play 10 rounds of golf on world-class courses between now and 01 April. I met Martin for the first time last Wednesday and he is very up beat and his staff focus on customer service. So far, my experience at Rhino Sports has been very positive.

The simulator is basically a big video game. However, it offers different dimensions that are of value for most golfers looking to improve their game. Check it out:


Practicing before round


Spraying all over the place during warm up!


Some Stats that can help identify areas to work on.


Interesting stats for research area. Back Spin….Ouch!


I would take a drive like this all the time.

At this time, using the golf simulator is going to be fun and educational. As the season unfolds, I will drop in my stats and areas where I think I need to focus on in the 2016 season. If you notice anything, don’t be shy!

Have you ever used a golf simulator? Are you in the Pro or Con category?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

11 thoughts on “Golf Simulators: Pro or Con?

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  2. We have a few spots in Ottawa, more popping up each year. Golf O Max is the big one here, 11 screens in the west end of the city. It is packed from December to March most years. I have played a couple of time, I enjoy the outing, its nice to swing a club in the dead of winter, but generally I would be hard pressed to equate it to a round of golf outside. I do find it an enjoyable social outing where you can hit some balls, drinks some beers and enjoy some pub food.

    From a performance perspective I find the sensors pick up my full shots pretty well, whether driver, fairway wood or iron. But pitches and chips tend to be way off and putting leaves a lot to be desired.


  3. Jim
    I used to do simulator golf every winter I lived in Toronto. I found it good for keeping the full swing intact. It’s quite accurate. I have played on various technology sims. Some are better than others. I recommend it as part of the offseason regimen.


  4. Hi Jim,

    As you can imagine, indoor golf is very popular here with our Alberta winters. Of the top of my head, I can think of 5 locations that uses AboutGolf and 2 others that uses GolfZon in town. I find they are pretty accurate for the full swing but it’s very hard to gauge chipping and putting on it. From what I’ve read, high spin numbers usually means a downward angle of attack and might result in ballooning golf balls into the wind and maybe less roll out on the ground. (um, those are empirical results from my high spin shots 🙂

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    • Crunchy

      I am tracking what you are saying. I have a tendency to try and over hit the all in the simulator. I will be trying to relax and swing through the ball when hitting. I agree about the inaccuracy in chipping and putting, but at least we are playing. Thanks for the comment.



  5. Jim,

    I have used simulators to test clubs at a golf shop and I have also used TrackMan, however, I have never played a round of golf on a simulator. I think they are beneficial, particularly for us Canadians who can’t get out on the course during the winter. There’s no doubt it beats not golfing at all! I think one danger with them is amateurs getting caught up too much in their swing statistics. Overall, I think simulators are a net positive. Looking forward to hearing more about how your league goes!


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  6. So, do you find it pretty accurate? I think I will go over there for an hour this week, maybe Monday. I find the feedback better than the dome where a lot of my high irons hit the top.

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