New Golf Experience Being Released Today

Golf simulators are nothing new. Any one with a computer, WII, PlayStation has play golf on a simulator. These are fun games and offer an interesting way to pass the time while playing golf indoors. These simulators are rudimentary compared to going to golf simulator run by your local business.

Previously, I asked if a golf simulator provides any value to your off-season golf training program. This is the first year I used a golf simulator and I wish I had started earlier. Rhino Sports in Belleville, Ontario, has a great golf simulator and I enjoy my weekly outing with my friends.

Zeb Welborn, founder of #golfchat, 19th Hole Media, author of the Social Golf Course, and president of Welborn Media, provides an opportunity for everyone who enjoys talking golf to share the ‘best hour of golf’ on the internet. Zeb recently announced his association with a new golf experience being released today. “REALiTEE Golf, a cutting edge new concept in indoor golf has announced their plans to introduce the world to their brand at this year’s Golf Industry Show February 8-11 in San Diego.”

Zeb has help explain the REALiTEE golf experience in way that outlines the whole golfing experience:

It’s not a new golf simulator, it’s a new golf experience that uses simulators. If you’ve ever used a simulator you know the short game doesn’t quite match up to the rest of it. Our experience will be similar to Top Golf in that it will be a hole indoor experience which will allow for simulation play to be completed in the chipping/putting area to finish out the rounds of golf.

They’ve contracted with HD Simulators to run the simulators and Robert Trent Jones II to design the chipping/putting area. Think of it like a huge arena with simulators that go to live play all indoors.


Thanks Zeb, I understand the concept better and it sounds like a fun place to play golf!

I am not associated with REALiTEE Golf, nor is this article an endorsement of this new golf experience, but I find Zeb to be a reliable source of golf information and so I pass on this information for your reading pleasure.

Golf simulators are a good addition to my off-season training program. When winter lasts 5-months, it is great to have the opportunity to swing a club. Do you use a golf simulator in the off-season? Do you like using golf simulators? Would a new golfing experience be more beneficial to your off-season? Let me know what you think, I am all ears.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



2 thoughts on “New Golf Experience Being Released Today

  1. Just for clarification, REALiTEE Golf is not a simulator, it’s an experience. REALiTEE Golf will have locations thorough out the world which allow you to use simulators then finish each hole in the chipping/putting area to complete the golf experience.


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