Setting Up a Golf Hole

Golf is an amazing sport because of the countless possibilities each hole offers every time we play it. If you play a hole 100 times, the variables of wind, distance, and tee block placement make that hole dead easy or crazy difficult! Most course superintendents take pride in setting up each hole so all players get the maximum enjoyment out of their time on the links. However, every once in a while a hole slips through the cracks and this happens!

Loyalist Country Club (17)

Time to reclaim this golf hole!

bush on tee box

A six-foot tree directly in front of the tee box!

It is difficult to understand how the dedicated workers on our favourite golf courses can miss these glaring challenges. In both cases, the obstacles detract from the beauty of each hole and the fair play expected when teeing it up.

In both cases some trimming and tending must occur and I am not sure how these challenges were missed. It is challenging enough to play some holes, but adding more difficulty due to a poor hole set up seems a bit unfair. Although most of us will miss these green hazards, the real point is that they should not be there in the first place.

It is the subtle things that make a golfing experience outstanding. properly setting up a golf hole is one of the aspects of golf I thoroughly enjoy. I take pride in challenging the course superintendent each time I tee it up. Properly setting up golf holes can make the difference between a good time on the course and an awesome time!

What do you think? Have you ever played a hole that was unfairly set up?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Setting Up a Golf Hole

  1. Jim,

    I’ve definitely had rounds where the setup took away from some enjoyment. Such as unfair pins considering how hard and fast the greens were. It’s a tough but important job setting up the golf course!


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