Using Visualizaton for Lower Golf Scores

Today I am trying something new! I have decided to use Brian Penn’s, from All About Golf,  technique of visualizing my round before I start. This is really not new for me, but I am expanding my normal process!

Brian mentioned the technique of writing my score down hole by hole for the entire round, before you play. It is something new for me and I think it is time to give it a try.

Brian talks about adding GIR and being realistic about my approach. His visualization also included “NO 3-putts“! I have already started to see the success I will achieve today, but I needed to take that next step and write down my score.

Below is a copy of the Roundel Glen’s scorecard.

Roundel Glen Score Card

Obviously, using the men’s scores, this is my intent and what I am visualizing! By holes, this is what I am going to shoot:

  1. 3 – Par
  2. 4 – Birdie
  3. 3 – Par
  4. 4 – Par
  5. 4 – Par
  6.  5 – Bogey
  7.  5 – Bogey
  8.  4 – Par
  9.  5 – Par – Front 9 Total: 37
  10. 4- Bogey
  11. 4 – Par
  12.  4 – Par
  13.  5 – Bogey
  14.  4 – Par
  15. 5 – Par
  16. 3 – Birdie
  17. 3 – Par
  18. 5 – Par – Back 9 Total: 37

Total score I am visualizing: 74

When successful (notice the positive attitude) this will be the lowest round of the year. I expect that this particular score will be the first positive step towards my goal of being a scratch golfer.

Stay tuned for the results later today!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Using Visualizaton for Lower Golf Scores

  1. Funnily enough, I have been doing this for a while. I think there is a disconnect between my visualized scores and what I am really capable of though and I need to work on this. For example, 80 is a pretty solid round for me, but I struggle to ‘see’ this when playing through the round in my head the day before, or whenever. I think this is something that would work just on parts of the game too. For example, visualizing where that tee shot will go on every hole. I might give that a try.

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